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The Entrepreneurial Toolkit Investment Initiative


Firefly helps companies and individuals reach their full potential. We bring this mission to life by partnering with strong leadership teams in growth-oriented, lower-middle market businesses. Since 2013, our team has invested in 14 companies.  We have a proven track record of honoring our commitments, sticking to our core values, and being an effective and fun partner to leadership teams. 


  • There are 30 million small businesses that employ almost half of all Americans and account for two-thirds of job creation

  • Relative to larger organizations, small businesses often struggle with three things:

o    Attracting and retaining great people

o    Winning and keeping loyal customers

o    Making informed decisions with reliable data

  • Firefly wants to help entrepreneurs solve these problems by investing in and building what we broadly call the Entrepreneurial Toolkit, which includes businesses serving small and medium size companies in the following areas:

Areas of Focus

•  Niche Recruiting/Staffing 

•  Certifications 

•  HR Operations 

•  Health 

•  Assessments 

•  Fractional services 

•  Sales Effectiveness 

•  Wellness 

•  Training/Coaching 

•  Outsourced services 

•  Remote tech support 

•  Benefits 

•  Continuing Education 

•  Virtual Support 

•  Marketing Services 

•  Safety/Security

Platform Investment Criteria

Geography: North America

Size: EBITDA > $1M

Structure: Majority/Minority

Must Haves: Growth, Profitability, Values Fit

Current Entrepeneurial Toolkit  Companies 


  • A complete set of concepts and tools that helps entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses based on Gino Wickman’s best-selling book Traction

  • Acquired by Firefly in 2018

  • Leading provider of outsourced and fractional sales leadership, training, and consulting services to small and medium size businesses

  • Acquired by Firefly in 2021

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